Thursday, September 21, 2017

Curtain Call


"Ever since seeing my first live theatre show as a child, I still get mesmerized by the grandeur of the performance; the room vibe, the anticipation, the illuminating lights...but most of all that moment the curtain goes up". ~ lisa  

"Someone has to create curtains with fabric that endures; silks and brocade reminiscent of Europe and their artistic craftsmanship, their elegance yet still entice those of the modern era. 

It's the essence of dedication and beauty that is visually gratifying when there is a
 "Curtain Call".
There are two meanings to the phrase: In theatre and in the world of decor". ~ lisa


"Brocade fabric can be seen forever on the stage, maybe sitting at grandma's but you can be sure it's always on the runway in some design and it's hotter than ever NOW. 
Go make a jacket out of curtains".

I LOVE it". ~ lisa 

Rock The Stage.

"Whatever keeps the audience feeling comfortable and alive".....
~ lisa

Friday, June 23, 2017

Closet Rock: American Jean Style

Closet Rock: American Jean Style: CLOSETROCK.COM "It's always a good day when I wear jeans." ~ lisa A M E R I C A N     J E A N    S T Y L E ...

American Jean Style

"It's always a good day when I wear jeans." ~ lisa

A M E R I C A N     J E A N      

Street, weekend date, eclectic modern, 70's-chic, runway to embellished threads, we still stay above the fray as the phenomenon of the 
American Jean Style 
never gets old.

    WE never forget our first love. 
   Then came the jacket. 

style layout- lisa