Friday, April 28, 2017

Brand Design at Closet Rock.

"The world is now in self-promotion mode. We all have unlimited digital access to anything we can imagine. If you're lucky, you have inherited a left-right functioning brain. And, the key is to not allow your audience to head toward the sale bin. Keep them intrigued. Keep them amazed with YOU. 


Whether you are basking in the glory of your Instagram popularity, just created an innovative product or landed a fluke role in an upcoming movie, your global identity has arrived. Make it REAL, poignant, original and exaggerate the essence of who you are 
right out the gate.

It's not about how pretty your images look. 
It's about creating a customized style aesthetic that represents YOU with an ongoing strategy to reach and satisfy 
your consumers.

Exclusive Consulting 
always available.

Brand design for musicians,entrepreneurs 
and artist professionals.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Closet Rock Launch November 2016

Closet Rock 
Webstore & Branding Services
San Francisco Bay Area

November 2016, Lisa Battle launches the Closet Rock Brand 
and web store in the San Francisco Bay Area bringing her unique, 
up cycled stage-forward fashions and visual storytelling to a broader, 
urban audience.
Following her successful style consulting brand, L.Style published 
in April 2012, it seemed only natural to expand further and the 
Bay Area was the obvious choice. 

Lisa works remotely and on-location servicing artist professionals,
redesigning personal & business brand image for today's current 
trends, building an iconic industry style she calls Closet Rock 
named after her beloved, inspiring rack of stage clothes.

Giving back to the arts is immediately recognized as a priority 
within the Closet Rock brand while sharing the knowledge that
popular fashion style can be achieved anywhere; respectfully 
staying out of the landfill and the digital recycle bin. (website & web store launching November 2016)

Sunday, June 5, 2016