Friday, May 3, 2013

Awaken Your Style

awaken your style.

"Everyone has their own aura...their unique style that for each second on earth is precious. Some reach out stronger than others. Few of us know it even exists". ~ lisa 

I've laid out some looks that are proven to be a hit with stage styles.

If you're going to wear red lipstick, wear it like it's your last kiss.

same music genre / different looks

exaggerate romance. 



Tell your story thru imagery. Speak out in truth.  

               Wear hats from a particular era with modern, stylish looks for intriguing contrast; as this style of Cabaret meets Edwardian.

 Give an audience a reason to pause a little longer when promoting with a bold statement. Whatever it takes to sustain the image of the artist in your mind. Suttle-Shock Factor. 


Personal style overrides trends and is usually the deciding factor when going tough to pretty.


When visual editing allows for an audience to hone in on things that are not of the subject, it usually fails but in this remember everything. GREAT promo trick.

 attitude. lighting. black. chains. 
contrast of character.                  

If you love tights, wear them every time you perform. Get crazy with color. 
Own it. 

Adding lots of jewelry should add to the persona, not mask it.

"At Closet Rock I continually enhance individual expression; bringing forward the artist's spirit and aura like no other.

Marilyn Monroe's stereotypical force is forever felt throughout the world which fascinates me. She became a phenomena of timeless beauty and endearing sensuality. Even though her soul is gone...her spirit remains present & extremely powerful." ~ lisa 

" I've come to realize that awakening your style is exaggerating the dream factor." ~ lisa

   style design by lisa

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