Monday, June 29, 2015

ECLECTIC STYLE Aesthetic by Lisa Battle

                  ECLECTIC STYLE

                                   Lisa Battle

"Eclectic Style is moving forward. 
It's accepting all walks of life. It's putting boring to bed. It's enhancing self- expression but with another element of surprise that makes you beg for one last glance. It's not letting your audience hear every song you've written on your hit record at your last concert. It's leaving them wanting more in a good way.

Being era-driven but knowing how something is going to make others feel ahead of time is how I roll.
Reminiscing is always in the process of creating authentic style for a particular individual.

The feel and style of a fabric must outwardly present an expressive connection. With contrasting imagery, it must blend perfectly next to other textured elements for a finished, paralleled look. 
In the end it may look confusing to few but beautiful to most. This is where design begins and where my eyes love to exist.

Layering contrasting elements with attitude while still enhancing the shine and mystique of one's essence may well be in my DNA and has stemmed from allowing those with open arms who cross my creative path to be a part of it.

Fashion is ever changing. With every day a new designer creates a million dollar collection, someone or something else has already surpassed them.
Eclectic style for most creators can become complacent after making it from one basic, fascinating brand image that is globally renown;
Kinda like Madonna performing a mundane concert after her last string of multi-platinum albums. Or...not recognizing Chanel's latest Fall Collection from their typical brand identity we all can envision with our eyes closed." ~ lisa

Beach Punk meets Bohemian. French Coquette mixed with Hollywood Glam. Steampunk meets Cabaret. Indian-Chic mixed with LA Rock. Woodstock Rock meets Venice Beach. Upstate Elite with Boutique-Chic. Naughty Rich Girl Fashion meets Modern Punk. NY Street Style meets Artsy Retro. Paris Hilton meets Kate Middleton. 

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